I'm Moving to a New Website!

From LDSWomenConverse.com to Hawkerfamily.com

Dear Readers,

For nearly 10 years, I have been blogging here on LDS Women Converse. Recently, I felt very prompted to reconfigure, rename, and transition my website for a broader audience. With my family's permission and endorsement, I am also including their voices and their valuable experiences. Hence, our new website: hawkerfamily.com

I am still in the process of moving all of the blog posts on this site to my new website. And I'm still editing and revising old posts. Some have been published on the new site. Some website pages and posts have been "cleaned up" in terms of structure, paragraph alignment, space, columns, etc. Other pages/posts still need some work. Everything has needed to be reconfigured in order to be compatible with the new website. My other posts are in "draft mode" while I revise and edit them. 

This transitional and structural process has been more work and more complicated than I had anticipated. Similar to a family system, I recognize that this web-building process will be ongoing and evolutionary--for me and my family members. The hawkerfamily.com website offers my family members the opportunity and the platform to share their stories and to bear testimony to the Savior's divinity and of His gospel. Discovering and attaining one's "public voice" -- whether through speaking or writing -- is daunting and a little scary. As a college instructor and blogger, I have been putting myself "out there" for 25 years. The rest of my family has not had such exposure. This process for them will, of course, take time. So, please bear with us as we grow.

I will be the prevalent voice on hawkerfamily.com My writing experience serves as the foundation and structure of the website.

Furthermore, I have closed both of my LDS Women Converse Instagram and Facebook pages. I also permanently deleted my personal Facebook and Pinterest accounts. We can all acknowledge the communal and personal connections offered by social media. Unfortunately, Facebook's communication climate has become way too negative and toxic for me. I suspect we all feel disappointed and disheartened by two significant aspects that have come to personify Facebook:

1. Condescending and mean political posts.

2. Mean-spirited posts by Facebook "friends."

I finally decided I had choices; I didn't have to stay connected to any forms of toxicity. My exit strategy (by means of the "delete account" button) has been satisfying and edifying. The benefits resulting from a peaceful mind eclipse the convenience of Facebook.

Finally, I have been deeply troubled by the increasing censorship exercised by the big tech corporations--most of it being politically motivated. Thus, I am cutting as many chords with them as possible. In any case, I still want to preserve many of my LDS Women Converse Instagram and Facebook posts. To that end, I am transferring that data to a specific page I created on the hawkerfamily.com website. When all that social media data is transferred, I will permanently close LDSWomenConverse.com.

Thank you so much for taking this journey with me and reading my stuff! Your kindness and encouragement continue to motivate me.